Case Study:

68 yr old Female, in Respiratory Distress. Currently being managed with a FlowSafe CPAP devise (FiO2 100% CPAP 5) and BiPap Mask. HR 124 RR 24 SpO2 78. The pacient was in obvious distress, so the patient was to be intubation. The BiPap Mask was removed, the Dual-Air Adjustable Oral airway was pre-configured to the 90 mm mark.

The patient measured at 100 mm but was compliant in the ability to open her mouth. With the airway in place and the patient still conscious, Bag Valve Mask assist was began for hyper-oxygenation prior to intubation. While the anesthetist prepared the RSI agents, the patiens SpO2 climbed to 89%. Versed was administered then Succes. Continuous BVM the ventilations occurred during this period. The airway was then removed upon the anesthesiologist request and intubation proceeded.

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